Office Space Calculator

Office Space Calculator

How much Office Space per Person? The general rule of thumb is to allow 200-250 useable square feet per person. This may vary depending on the type and style of the business. Our Team can help you economize on space and save money.

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Enter a quantity for the number of office types required. Change room dimensions as appropriate for your needs. Totals will be recalculated when you change a value and leave that cell. The default office dimension numbers are general industry standard and are only provided as a convenience. If you would like to start over and clear your screen, click the "Clear Page" button at the bottom of this calculator. If refreshing the page does not clear the values, make sure you are ignoring cached content (keyboard shortcut: ctrl+f5 in Windows/UNIX, cmd+f5 in OSX).

  Room Type Length   Width # of Offices Total Sq Ft


CEO x =
Large x =
Standard x =
Small x =

Work Stations,

Large Cubicle x =
Medium Cubicle x =
Small Cubicle x =
Open space, clerk, secretary x =

Meeting Rooms,

Board Room, Library (each) x =
Conference x =
Medium x =
Small x =

Facilities &
Service Areas

Large Reception x =
Small Reception x =
Copy, Pantry, Telcom (each) x =
Files, Storage (each) x =
Mailroom x =
Coat Closets x =
Other x =
  Circulation (includes corridors) %
Usable Space:
  Load factor %
Rentable Space:
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